How to look at modern curtain wall design used in commercial applications today?

Nowadays, modern curtain wall design enables glass to be used safely in high-rise commercial buildings, creating consistent and attractive facades.
Especially as glass and glazing industry is constantly evolving, modern curtain wall construction has made great progress in the construction industry today.

glass curtain wall

Take unitized curtain wall system for an example. One current trend is focused on the integration of multiple “infill” materials glazed directly into unitized curtain panels. Infill materials can be any material that is inserted into the curtain wall panel between extruded aluminum support mullions. Traditionally, they have typically been vision glass and spandrel glass (back-painted glazing with fire-resistant insulation materials behind that is located in front of floor slabs) to give the building a homogenous, fully-glazed “all glass box” look. Recently some other facade materials have been coming more into fashion like stone, metal, and terracotta. Stone infills can be used for a unique flavor and design. Thin-cut stone panels are inserted within the same areas glass ones would normally go. The integration of this material not only offers a seamless look, but also a single source responsibility for a weather barrier within the same system, thereby limiting possibilities of leaks between trade areas. Some new stone materials being used are arriscraft, granite, marble, travertine, and limestone.

Another infill we have seen a rise in popularity over the years is metal curtain walls widely used in commercial building construction. Metal panels can have various material compositions like aluminum plate, aluminum composite panel, stainless steel, copper, and zinc. They can create unique design feature opportunities through fabulous finishes, textures, and shapes available. Some of these options include: high or low visual reflectance of different materials, weathering of copper and zinc, brake formed shape designs of aluminum plate, and the full palette of flat or exotic metallic paint color finishes for aluminum panels available.

With the continuous development of technology, high-rise commercial buildings with aluminium curtain wall together with the drive to make them energy efficient have been largely responsible for development in the field of architectural glazings, and the main focus of window glass design has been on improving its optical and thermal properties. Special highly transparent and heat-reflective glazings will be used to save energy by reducing heat loss through windows, or using solar transmittance control to minimise cooling and air conditioning costs in applications. Some window glazings are also used for light enhancing and redirecting or decorative purposes. Are you considering a modern curtain wall as part of your next project?

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Post time: Jun-14-2022
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