How to look at China pipe in the international steel pipe market

Today, China is one of the world’s largest steel exporters in the international pipe market. Each year, China exports a large quantity of different kinds of pipes to the international market, such as round steel pipe, rectangular steel pipe, square steel pipe and so on. On the other hand, China as one of the largest steel pipe manufactures in the world, current steel overcapacity to some extent will have certain influence on both domestic and international steel pipe market in a short time.

It cannot be denied that the current overcapacity of steel production in domestic market, to some degree, will have great effect on the steel pipe prices. In turn, what has happened to steel prices will also cause certain price fluctuation at the same time. For instance, at present, there exists a big wave for steel pipe prices both at home and abroad market, which is mainly caused by the raw materials (iron ore) and the unbalance between supply and demand in market. Therefore, in domestic market, some pipe suppliers are trying to adjust production structure to avoid further unnecessary risk. Obviously, this will be reflected in the production management of cold rolled steel pipes and some other types of steel pipes in the coming days.

The implementation of the new Environmental Protection Law in 2015 has put forward higher requirements and more stringent standards on the steel industry. In accordance with the requirement of green development, China’s steel industry has increased inputs in capital, talent, technological research and development, and carried out valuable explorations in the new generation of recyclable processes for steel production, green manufacturing, and environmental management, etc. Meanwhile, a number of advanced domestic large state-owned enterprises, especially a couple of well-known steel pipe manufacturers have begun to respond to national policy requirements, and actively take measures to make relevant adjustments and improvements in energy conservation and environmental protection recently.

In recent years, with the acceleration of the national modernization and the further advancement of economic globalization, China also plays a significant role in the international pipe industry. Specifically, China’s steel export has increased in recent years mainly due to demand rise in the international market with the recovery of the global economy, and competitiveness improvement of the Chinese steel products. Meanwhile, The steel industry, dedicated to serving economic development and satisfying the needs of downstream industries, has been constantly optimizing product mix and improving product quality.

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Post time: Apr-23-2018
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