How to look at China hollow section tubes in the market

In the recent years, China hollow section tubes play an active role in construction at home and abroad. Today, China hollow section tubes can offer advantages of corrosion protection in applications. Some hollow sections have rounded corners resulting in a better protection than that with sharp corners. This is especially true for the joints in circular hollow sections where there is a smooth transition from one section to another. Meanwhile, this better protection increases the protection period of coatings against corrosion.

hollow section pipe

Seamless pipe and welded steel pipe are two common type of hollow structural section in use. According to different steel products and related design standards, there exists great difference between the alternative types of structural hollow section products. Specifically, hot finished structural hollow section products are typically between 24% and 54% more expensive in Germany than their cold formed counterparts, the lower differences being for large tonnages-a strong inducement in favour of cold formed structural hollow sections. Compared to other traditional construction materials, structural steel frame is stronger because it was further enhanced by steel reinforcing process. The increase in its standard strength is greater than the total strength of other competing highly strong materials. For example, the flat square surfaces of rectangular steel pipe can ease construction, and they are sometimes preferred for architectural aesthetics in the exposed environments today.

Nowadays, welded circular hollow sections with a longitudinal weld are mainly made employing either electrical resistance welding processes or induction welding processes. Circular hollow sections, also named as round steel pipes have the most effective cross section for resisting torsional moments, because the material is uniformly distributed about the polar axis. Large circular hollow sections are generally made by rolling plates to the required shape in a mill. And the longitudinal weld is made by a submerged arc welding process. Besides, another process for large tubes is to use a continuous wide strip, which is fed into a forming machine at an angle to form a spirally formed circular cylinder. And then the edges of the strip are welded together by a submerged arc welding process to produce a spiral steel tube.


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