How to handle possible problems in the foreign business?

In the current steel pipe market, there are all kinds of steel pipes with complete specifications, maximizing the application needs of different users. Hot dipped galvanized pipe is one kind of distinctive pipe, with a relatively wide range of applications, so it has got more favored by more people for certain particular purposes. With reference to hot dipped galvanized steel pipe specification, galvanized steel pipe is divided into two major categories: hot dipped galvanized steel pipe and electro galvanized steel pipe as per different processing galvanization technology. Nevertheless, in the international steel tube market, there tends towards two categories: round steel pipe and square pipe according to the shape of the pipe. Based on the different pipe classification criteria, the domestic pipe suppliers in foreign trade should be flexible to deal with these differences, in order to gain the final order successfully.

Besides the pipe specification, hot dipped galvanized pipe price is another important point to be focused on in the foreign trade. In the domestic steel market, the pipe price is still relatively expensive in comparison with some other common pipes. However, domestic hot dipped galvanized pipe has a great competitive advantage over other countries because of its low production cost and mass production in the international market. On the other hand, some domestic steel pipe suppliers are much likely to be squeezed out by others countries, causing a certain foreign trade issues due to the relatively cheap steel pipe prices. At this time, all we need to do is to actively deal with a variety of issues in order to keep the balanced development, rather than fear and retreat. In addition, when it comes to hot dipped galvanized pipe, it can not be ignored that the environmental protection requirements has certain impact on the foreign business. Especially in the international market, in addition to the amount of zinc, foreign customers also pay much attention to the environmental protection cost of galvanized steel pipe. In a sense, there tends towards the world’s green economic development model in the long run.

With the further expansion of economic globalization and frequent international trade business, more and more domestic enterprises have stepped out of the country to join the ranks of the international market competition. However, in the steel industry, considering that there exist a number of different current production requirements and standards between the domestic steel market and the international market, steel pipe manufacturers will inevitably face some errors and difficulties in the foreign trade.

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Post time: Apr-09-2018
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