How to choose the proper types of high strength steel pipe used in pipeline systems

Over the past 25 years, severe demands have been placed on China steel pipe manufacturers with respect to the development and processing of materials in pipeline systems. Generally speaking, longitudinally welded large-diameter line pipe is used for the transportation of oil and gas, because such type of steel pipe can offer the highest safety in pipeline systems. In addition, from the point of view of pipeline economy, line pipe must favorably respond to laying in the field and permit high operating pressures for the pipeline. These requirements imply that the line pipe to be used in pipeline system has to possess high strength and toughness and good weldability and that the line pipe shall have optimized geometry.

carbon steel pipe

In recent years, the enormous pressure on the price of natural gas forces the pipeline operator to explore all the possibilities to reduce the cost of a pipeline project in the future. In that regard, it is very important for you to choose the proper type of high strength steel pipe to be used in your next project. Welded steel pipe is very popular type of high strength steel pipe widely used in pipeline systems for a long time so far. On the one hand, the effect of line pipe quality on project costs will be more substantial when the pipeline is constructed to the limit state design. On the other hand, the project team should try to reduce the project costs especially for transportation in several stages by optimizing the pipe diameter, which will lead to a cost reduction of 5%, increasing the material grade, which will lead to 4%, and using of limit state design, which will lead to 6% reduction.

At present, China steel pipe manufacturers make their contribution to reducing operational costs of a pipeline over its life by investigating the fatigue, corrosion and ageing behavior of line pipe in projects. In the current steel pipe market, pre dipped galvanized steel pipe is considered the most cost-effective type of high strength steel pipe used in pipeline systems today. Especially, Tianjin pre galvanized steel pipes have a high structural integrity and are resistant to corrosive environment. Tianjin pre galvanized steel pipes stand out among other competitors for many years in the world. Furthermore, Tianjin steel pipe, by virtue of its own unique natural geographical advantages and many years of foreign trade export business experience, plays an important role in the global steel pipe market for a long time.

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Post time: Sep-27-2020
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