How to build a small greenhouse in your backyard

In recent years, people tend to prefer a much healthier living- enjoying fresh vegetables and even growing them personally in their own greenhouses. Generally, building a modest greenhouse can be as simple as getting a kit you can assemble in just a few hours. There are several options: from plastic to glass, you can choose the one you like. If you love the DIY route, you can build a sturdier structure. Just be aware that it will be more labor-intensive. Are you ready to build a small greenhouse now?

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In most cases, plastic greenhouse and glass greenhouse are considered the two popular types of greenhouse in use today. Once you make a decision on your favorite type of greenhouse, there are still a few considerations before you start your project as follows:
1) Choose the area where you would like to place your new greenhouse;
2) Make sure the land is level and choose an area where water can drain well. A partly shaded area would be ideal. This way your plants can benefit from the sun without being over-exposed.
3) Use a shade cloth to limit the amount of sun your plants receive;
4) Keep in mind that you’ll need access to water and electricity when choosing your location;
5) If you choose to build from scratch, now is the time to choose the materials needed to get started. Be sure and figure out how much material you’ll need based on the size of your small greenhouse. Choose a pressure-treated wood for the framing and you can use fiberglass, polycarbonate plastic as well as glass for the panels;
6) Once your building is in place, you should take care of the ventilation needs and make sure there are no leaks. Meanwhile it’s time to have a professional install your automatic control watering system unless this is something you’re qualified to do yourself;
7) Install a heating and cooling system with a thermostat to control the temperature inside the greenhouse.

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Post time: Feb-20-2021
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