Guide of unitized curtain wall installation in applications

Today, curtain wall systems have been widely used in high rise residential and administrative buildings around the world. As a unitized curtain wall is an enclosing structure consisting of prefabricated glazed or solid panels which are transported to site from a factory and coupled together with minimum field installation works. In that regard, the benefits of using unitized curtain wall system are speed, lower installation costs, improved quality control due to sealing in controlled factory environment as well as minimal reliance on site labor.


In practical applications, unitized curtain wall systems can be enclosed quickly between buildings, which can help to speed up the construction process leading to earlier occupation. The fabrication process for unitized systems is more consistent than for stick-built curtain walls, as unitized wall systems are constructed in almost an assembly line fashion, indoors, and under controlled environmental conditions. Take structural glass curtain wall for an example, in the instance of unitized curtain wall clarifying the required storage and working areas within the perimeter of the building are very important. Generally, as the facade at each level is being installed, the full extent of floor slab is used for temporary panel storage, subassembling and preparation of the cladding panels. Commonly, as a safety measure, exclusive use of the floor plate during facade installation is required. A clear line of sight to permit setting out from the core walls to perimeter edges of the building structure should be granted. The floor slabs should have sufficient load bearing capacity to allow storage and movement of materials.

If you are planning to start unitized curtain wall system in your building project in the coming days, aluminium curtain wall system is another very popular type of curtain wall widely used in the modern buildings today. Aluminium curtain wall is perfect for creating homes with large expanses of glass, and the whole elevations of buildings can benefit it from floor to ceiling glass spanning several floors and even sitting angled directly underneath the roof ridge. As a rule, before you start the curtain wall installation in your building project, having the layout for any set up is quite essential the same as the aluminium curtain wall system as the layout can determine about the exact placement of the system by the use of offset lines and each finished floor line that is developed with pre-established control lines. Furthermore, the most important thing for you to consider for proper installation of curtain wall system is the sealing of all corners of the curtain systems as otherwise walling system could develop a leakage and can get damaged. In addition, except for a higher curtain wall cost in building construction, selecting the proper type of internal and outer glazing of curtain wall system could enhance the durability of your curtain wall building in applications as well as can improve the aesthetics of the building;

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Post time: May-19-2021
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