Greenhouse structural components

In the modern times, greenhouses are playing a significant role both in the commercial agriculture farming and the residential greenhouse garden. In most cases, a greenhouse is a structure made by assembling different parts or components. Each part has specific role in greenhouse structure. Generally speaking, building a greenhouse would be considered a big construction project. How much do you know about your greenhouse?

glass greenhouse

1. Greenhouse Foundation
When setting up a greenhouse, one of the most important aspects of the construction process is the foundation. There are a few different types of foundations that can be used for greenhouses. The type of foundation used is determined by the style of greenhouse and building codes. Essentially, the foundation is the complete system on which the greenhouse structure sits. One of the key components of a foundation is the footing. The footing refers to the point at which the structure meets the soil.

2. Greenhouse framing members
Trusses are generally considered as the fundamental vertical support structure in a glass greenhouse, which supports the weight of the roof. The truss is made up of rafter, strut, and chords. Struts are support members under compression while chords are supports members under tension. Trusses are connected by the roof ridge and the purlins which run the length of the greenhouse.

3. Greenhouse framing materials
There are number of structural parts of a greenhouse roof which include bar caps, gutters, purlins, trusses, ridge cap, sash bar, and side posts. Bar caps are attached to the outside of the greenhouse sash bars to hold the glazing material in place. The bar caps also hold the glazing compound used to seal around the glass (or other glazing material) to prevent leaks. The bar caps shield the glazing compound from the ultraviolet rays.

4. Greenhouse walls
The end and side walls are typically covered with one of the rigid plastics in a plastic greenhouse. Since the structured plastics come in 8-foot or 10-foot panel lengths, less cutting and splicing will be needed in comparison to polyethylene which comes in a minimum of 20-foot wide rolls.

5. Greenhouse flooring
Growers may choose from a range of floor surfaces for container grown crops from gravel to concrete. The actual floor design will be dependent upon the type of production being planned and the available capital.

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