Glass curtain wall lighting

How can ability reproduce the simple sense beauty that glass place has by day through lamplight? This is a common concern of landscape lighting designers. For the lighting treatment of modern curtain walls with large colored glass surface, the use of "architectural lighting" to integrate the light-emitting devices (light source) and architectural components, so that the connotation of only the right to use the lighting lamps continues to deepen and expand, and a variety of forms, refreshing.
For colored glass lighting, the best solution, in addition to the traditional use of projection lamp, the most ideal method is to use LED light source.

glass curtain walls2
Its single light effect is relatively high, unit volume is compact, design flexibility is very big, which can maximize the structural characteristic that cooperates lamplight carrier, and installation is convenient. It provides a new lighting solution for such curtain wall buildings.
The main feature of this building is that the street front, the main expression, is a colored glass body. Due to the characteristics of low reflection coefficient and high absorption coefficient, there are a lot of helplessness in large area flood lighting processing. The general glass curtain wall is mostly inlaid on aluminum or steel frame, and LED lighting device is directly installed at the aluminum strip contacts fixed on the glass, so that the lamps become a part of the building, and the visual effect of the building will not be damaged completely. At this point, attention should be paid to the coordination of the size of the lighting device and the size proportion of the building posture. Each line lamp is composed of 2*7 LED 14W, and four lights form a group of ten shapes, which can be seen as point light source from a distance and cross light from a close view. Cooperate with the control system to produce color changes and geometric changes. Make the "black body" in the night vivid, fresh, and effectively avoid light pollution, restore the night sky starlight flashing nature.
Compared with colored glass, transparent glass is both transparent and transparent, so it is obvious that the illumination mode of facade lighting at this time neither meets the ecological requirements nor meets the aesthetic requirements. Better results can be obtained by adopting the illumination mode of "inside light and outside light". Use indoor general illume lamplight and be in indoor rely on curtain glass window place to decorate fluorescent lamp tube. It is two kinds of means that often use at present, analyze from the Angle of environmental protection and energy saving, this kind of processing means is not very ideal.

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Post time: May-18-2023
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