Glass curtain wall lighting

Architectural glass is more and more applied in modern curtain wall, with more and more varieties and more and more complete functions. The amount of building glass used in building, application types and functions can be used as a mark to evaluate the degree of building modernization. In particular, the decorative performance of architectural glass can be said to be ever-changing. Without architectural glass, there would be no modern architecture.

modern curtain wall
At present, a large number of structural glass curtain wall can deal with any function, can be built in any country, do not identify the number of floors, do not have a full seal building. However, due to the optical properties of glass that can not only pass through light, but also have the ability to emit light and absorb light, the landscape lighting design supporting the building has entered a pattern.
The development of semiconductor lighting has made a breakthrough in the lighting design of such buildings. For colored glass lighting, the best solution, in addition to the traditional use project-light lamp, LED light source is the most ideal method to solve, the single photosynthetic efficiency is higher, the unit volume small, the design of elastic provided by encyclopedia of industry is very big, which can maximum limit with light carrier structure characteristics, and easy installation. It provides a new lighting solution for this type of building. The main feature of this frameless curtain wall is a colored glass body facing the street.
Due to the characteristics of low reflective coefficient and high absorption coefficient, large area floodlight processing has a lot of frustration.
Compared with colored glass, transparent glass is both transparent and perspective. Obviously, at this time, the lighting method of facade projection can neither meet the ecological requirements nor the aesthetic requirements. Better results can be obtained by using the lighting method of "internal light and external penetration". Under the premise of energy saving and environmental protection, semiconductor lighting has a great design space. A relatively simple method is to use LED linear light source to arrange along the curtain wall frame to form a regular color light grid pattern. Another would light from indoor to the structure of the hole, is placed at the bottom of the window of one or more can do full color changing LED project-light lamp, with the help of the automatic control curtains, as a carrier of the lighting, lighting the curtains, do the lighting effects, unified color change as a whole is get brilliant lighting effects and energy conservation and environmental protection.

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Post time: Jun-22-2021
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