Glass curtain wall damage

Viewing the construction drawing and site, the glass curtain wall in the damaged area is the glass rib barge glass curtain wall, the glass panel of the curtain wall is 19mm tempered white glass, the glass rib is 19+1.52 PVB +19mm tempered laminated white glass, and the width of the glass rib is 525mm. Elevation ~6 meters below the glass rib is a long integral rib, elevation ~6 meters above, the glass rib according to ~3.9 meters, ~6, ~3.9 meters are divided into 3 sections, through the stainless steel splint (16 M16 bolts) to connect the length of the glass rib system ~14.76 meters, the glass rib in its lower end from ~3.9 and ~9.9 meters glass rib splice, Set stainless steel bolt system (rod diameter ~20mm) transverse support and stability system, glass panel standard specification ~1.75x2.8, maximum grid ~1.75x3.0, stainless steel point jaw 250 series. According to the design data, it is reasonable and feasible, but the structural strength index value of 525mm wide glass rib has basically reached the material limit value, the local shape coefficient of curtain glass window is small, the stainless steel point barge claw arm is of thin plate type, the lateral bearing force is relatively weak, although the calculation is qualified, there is no reasonable and appropriate safety margin.

aluminium curtain wall systems

In addition to the damaged falling part, there are broken glass (panel, glass rib) and twisted state of point and barge claw parts on the surrounding curtain wall. Because the glass curtain wall has been used for more than three years and is under the influence of relevant external factors, it is impossible to simply determine whether there are relevant influencing factors in the construction of curtain wall. But as the curtain wall bearing body of large-span steel structure frame, the large deflection (~ 2 times frame structure characteristics and the subsidence deformation under persistent load (creep), and the structure of bearing glass rib fixed installation should be legitimate variable clearance, which is a key factor of a curtain wall panel under the endpoint if clamping at the bottom of the gap can not meet the requirement of the displacement. The extrusion glass rib, Local failure may also occur; The stainless steel point barge jaw arm of this project is of thin plate type, and the lateral bearing force is relatively weak. Under the action of gravity for a long time, it is easy to produce deflection deformation, which will adversely affect the surrounding of the glass hole and also cause local failure and failure.

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Post time: Jul-29-2022
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