Galvanized steel pipe performances in applications

Galvanized steel pipe has been a very common type of steel pipe in the current steel pipe market. First of all, we have to mention one important make-up element of steel pipe: “carbon”. Furthermore, the carbon content, to a certain extent, determines the hardness of a finished steel pipe. The more a finished steel pipe has carbon, the harder it becomes. As a result, it will ensure more stable performance so as to prolong the service life of the steel pipe. However, it cannot be denied that the higher carbon content will affect the tensile strength of the steel pipe. Therefore, it is also necessary for steel pipe manufacturers to take the point into account in the actual production processing.

Today, with continuous improvement of processing methods and overall advancement of society, there tends toward diversification of pipes in great demand. In general, galvanized steel pipe gains more preference from most customers among various types of pipes, due to its better stable mechanical properties property. With reference to steel pipe prices, how to make the rational pipe pricing has much to do with the mechanical properties of steel pipe. Thus, it is becoming more and more necessary for end users to have enough prior knowledge of different types of pipes at their actual purchase of desired pipes for final purposes.

On the other hand, from the production process, the composition of steel pipe somewhat has great influence on steel pipe performance in actual purposes. With regard to cold rolled steel pipe sizes, there are various types of steel pipes for customers to choose from. Here, we would like to mention another one important component element “sulfur”. Furthermore, the sulfur content can also make certain impact on the quality of steel pipe. As an insider in steel industry knows, sulfur is considered a kind of harmful substance. If the content of sulfur is too high, there will have certain influence on the steel pipe quality and even cause the final crack of pipes. In addition, with reference to the tensile strength of the steel pipe, manufacturers should pay more attention to “phosphor” content in the finished pipe. As a rule, too high “phosphor” content will cause lower tensile strength of the steel pipe. Therefore, it seems very important for steel pipe manufacturers to pay much attention to the specified component content of a steel pipe in the actual production processing.

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Post time: Apr-09-2018
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