Curtain wall industry development model

Nearly 2 billion square meters of housing are built in China every year, more than the total of all developed countries, but a large part of the curtain wall buildings are energy-intensive. If we do not pay attention to the design and application of building energy conservation, it will directly aggravate the energy crisis in China. Although 99 percent of new urban buildings in China have implemented mandatory energy conservation standards in the design phase and 90 percent in the construction phase, more than 90 percent of China's 40 billion square meters of existing buildings are energy intensive. In these high energy consumption buildings, the energy consumption of doors and windows accounts for nearly 50% of the proportion. Therefore, the key of building energy saving is door and window energy saving. It is the objective requirement of China's energy situation and the inevitable trend of market development to adopt the new energy-saving window and window curtain wall and transform the existing building window and curtain wall window with energy-saving.

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In recent years, under the influence of various building energy-saving policies, the proportion of energy-saving and environment-friendly doors, windows and curtain walls are gradually increasing. Under the promotion of policy, a large number of new energy-saving products such as aluminum alloy energy-saving doors and curtain wall frame, FRP energy-saving doors and windows, aluminum-plastic composite doors and windows have emerged. According to incomplete statistic, at present each district builds the market share of energy-saving door window rises faster, already accounted for the 50% of market of whole door window.
Facing the reality of accelerated industrialization and urbanization in China, it is particularly important to transform traditional heavy chemical industries such as steel and cement with new and high technologies, optimize the industrial structure, and develop new and high technology industries and modern service industries. Doors and windows curtain wall is even more so. In the future development, we should not only "made in China", but also pay attention to "created in China".
In order to ensure the smooth transformation and upgrading of the door, window and modern curtain wall industry, China Building Society will carry out effective activities centering on the development of low-carbon economy and the promotion of the transformation and upgrading of the industry. The association should implement the outline of the government's macroeconomic development plan as soon as possible, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and actively guide the sustainable development of the industry and the healthy development of enterprises around the development of low-carbon economy.

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Post time: Mar-06-2023
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