Curtain wall facade system offers you a modern office in tall buildings

Unlike traditional office spaces with solid walls, curtain wall facade system can provide people a modern office in tall buildings which opens up offices to more collaboration and natural light. Furthermore, curtain wall facade systems make the office look free and open.

In practical applications, in spite of the high curtain wall costs compared to the traditional building systems in construction industry, curtain walls do provide many benefits to the buildings in applications. For example, by taking into account the material used when building the wall, there can be energy savings due to reduced heating and cooling loads on the building. And by using glass or other glazings that use an e-coating, temperature inside the building can be regulated more efficiently by the building. As well, glass curtain walls allow more light in, reducing the need for artificial lighting depending on the placement of the wall. In addition, when glass curtain walls replaced masonry construction in commercial buildings, the depth and reach of light penetration improved, reducing the need for artificial lighting and consequently, cutting down on lighting bills. Meanwhile, a well-crafted glass curtain wall design is a matter of beauty in the modern society.

In recent years, glass curtain wall system gives a lot of convenience to the commercial workplaces in practical applications. In most cases, glass curtain walls are made from glass, allowing more natural light into a building, which reduces the need for artificial interior lighting and can improve thermal efficiency to reduce energy costs. Also, glass curtain walls have more design flexibility than concrete or stone load-bearing walls. For example, if you install a clear glass curtain wall on one side of a building to let in plenty of natural light, but later decide that the space is too bright, you can easily replace the glass panels with panels of tinted glass or an opaque material. For some commercial buildings, aluminium curtain wall can even add cohesiveness and beauty to a building.

With the further development of the society, various types of curtain walls are expected of commercial buildings, not only because of their numerous practical advantages but also because of their beautiful appearance in applications. In other words, curtain wall systems can provide a commercial building with a clean, sophisticated, and unique appearance, which is now associated with contemporary design. In many areas, curtain walls are the only type of wall that would be seen against the city skyline.

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Post time: Jul-22-2021
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