How to protect galvanized steel pipe from damages in applications?

As insiders know, galvanized pipe is a kind of pipe which has a great sales volume in the steel pipe market. It has been widely used in various production activities. In a sense, both of the correct use and the later maintenance of the pipe in the practical application are also very important. Hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is considered the most widely used pipe in the steel market. Considering the particularity of pipe processing technology and the actual requirements in different applications, users need to pay more attention to the actual installation and the later maintenance work. As a rule, customers usually need to select the right products as per a few requirements, including the raw materials, the diameter of the pipe, wall thickness of the pipe and the length of the pipe and etc. In that regard, users should try to start everything from a concrete analysis of the availability of the products and the environmental conditions as well as strictly to follow the direction of the operation, in order to extend the service life of the steel pipe.

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The welding industry recognized fifty years ago that welds on galvanized steel and welds on uncoated steel are of comparable strength if the quality of the welds is comparable. In recent years, more and more steel pipe manufacturers begin to pay much attention to the improving the welding technology involving weld toughness, porosity control, weld appearance, restoring corrosion resistance and other issues in a mill. On the other hand, even though the remaining zinc continues to provide some protection to the zinc-free areas, the appearance is poor, and the zinc-free areas will rust when exposed to the environment. In some cases, paints are properly applied to effectively restoring full corrosion protection to the weld areas. Generally these paints are available in either spray cans or in containers suitable for brush or spray application.


In addition, as an important building material, galvanized steel pipe is widely used in the construction field. As this type of steel pipe has the good performance of the corrosion resistance and also longer service life, users have to pay attention to the rust removal & reinforcement work as well as the proper installation. Besides, it is strongly suggested that users should try to keep the surrounding of the pipes clean, and try to avoid putting pipes and sharp objects together, in order to avoid the unnecessary damages to the pipe body and the surface material wear. For customers, in the process of purchasing steel pipe, it is not suggested to focus too much attention on the steel pipe prices. As the saying goes, it’s worth every penny of it. Therefore, users should try to select the high-quality products, and can avoid many more unnecessary troubles and losses in the future practical applications.


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Post time: May-10-2018
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