China welded steel pipe in the market

In steel pipe industry, welded steel pipe is a very common type of steel pipes. It has been widely applied to various fields in daily life and some working operation. Furthermore, it brings more convenience to our living and production activities.

welded steel pipe

General welded pipe: general welding is used for conveying low pressure liquid. It is manufactured with Q195A, Q215A, Q235A steel. There are lots of mild steel pipes widely used in pipeline system every year. The pipe should have pressure, bending, flattening and other experiment, and the surface quality is a certain request, and usually the delivery length is 4 – 10m, often required sizing delivery of the goods. The specifications of the welded pipe uses nominal diameter (mm or inches), and the nominal diameter is different from the actual diameter. The welded pipe wall thickness by the regulation includes ordinary steel pipe and thickening steel pipe, and steel pipe by the form of the pipe end includes the pipe with thread and pipe without thread.

Galvanized steel pipe: in order to improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipe, we can have galvanized to the common steel pipe commonly. Hot dipped galvanized steel pipe and pre galvanized steel pipe are the two major popular types of galvanized steel pipe in the current steel pipe market. Pre-galvanization is also known as mill galvanized, due to the fact that the steel sheet is rolled through molten zinc. After the sheet is sent through the mill to be galvanized it is cut to size and recoiled. A specific thickness is applied to the entire sheet, for example pre-galvanized Z275 steel has a 275g per square meter zinc coating. One of the advantages which pre-galvanized steel has over hot dip galvanized steel is that it has a better appearance.

China steel pipe manufacturers produce welded steel pipes by taking such flat substrates as steel plate or HR coil, and shaping and welding them. Classification of the pipes can be the result of different approaches. Professionals consider whether the steel pipe is straight seam or spiral welded. Others may divide the material into its purpose e.g. mining, oil drilling, agricultural, or manufacturing. One of the more common ways of classifying welded steel pipes is by looking at the process. In other words, classifying steel pipes according to production methods and/or sub-processes. For example, spiral welded steel pipe like the name indicates, is the result of a circular motion. The manufacturer takes the plate, and winds and welds the substrate of an HR coil or steel plate in a spiral. This method is called helical submerged arc welded (HSAW). The resulting product is longer and thicker than other methods. Overall, this method is favored because it proves to be simple, efficient, cost-effective and fast.

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Post time: May-20-2019
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