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A careful analysis of China's real estate policies in recent years shows that China's real estate industry has always been in the contraction, moderate liberalization, appropriate control, individual fine-tuning adjustment mode transformation. Therefore, window curtain wall industry also continues to be affected by relevant policies, the most brilliant period should be gradually receding. Sales of many curtain wall manufacturers are in a certain extent cut, including our upstream and downstream products. Supply-side structural reform is not a hot-headed slogan, but a signal that the market is forcing companies to make changes. With the implementation of the supply-side structural reform, new requirements are put forward for the entire national economic construction, of course, including our doors and Windows curtain wall industry.
In recent years, the development of doors and Windows curtain wall industry is facing transformation, and the industry urgently needs upgrading. More importantly, our way of thinking and development concept need to be changed. Door and window curtain wall industry is the downstream industry of the real estate industry, and the upstream industry of profile, hardware, glass, equipment, accessories and other industries. With the continuous changes in the form of the upstream and downstream industries, especially accompanied by national economic fluctuations, economic structural adjustment, and changes in the types of curtain wall systems are closely related.

Currently, in China's more than 40 billion square meters of existing buildings, Windows and curtain walls account for nearly half of the energy consumption in high-energy buildings. The key of building energy saving is the building window curtain wall. Therefore, the use of new energy-saving Windows and modern curtain wall, both building energy conservation, energy situation objective requirements, there are new residential demand requirements, energy-saving doors and Windows curtain wall will become an inevitable trend of development. Of course, including doors and Windows curtain wall energy saving, the industry in recent years are constantly making efforts, especially in the last two years, Beijing, Shanghai and other areas took the lead in implementing the 75% energy saving standard, and in hot summer and warm winter areas, building shading system is also paid attention to, thus extending new requirements, enterprises should respond positively.

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Establish and improve the standard management system, supporting the new standard system, encourage competent societies, associations, chambers of commerce, federations and other social organizations and industrial technology alliances, coordinate relevant market players to jointly formulate standards that meet the needs of the curtain wall structure, and make them available for voluntary selection by the market, so as to increase the effective supply of standards. In terms of standard management, there is no administrative license for group standards, which are independently formulated and released by social organizations and industrial technology alliances, and the fittest will survive through market competition.
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Post time: Jul-21-2022
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