Cement fibreboard curtain wall

The application height of cement fibreboard curtain wall should not be more than 100m, and the area of a single plate should not be more than 1.5m2. Design life should not be less than 25 years. When the application height or plate size exceeds this range, special design should be carried out according to the actual engineering, and test verification should be carried out to ensure that safety, applicability and durability requirements are met.

Point Support Curtain Wall1
Joint design
Sealed curtain wall, the building curtain wall with the function of preventing air penetration and rainwater leakage is required, including the sealed curtain wall with plastic injection and the sealed curtain wall glazing with rubber strip.
It is not required to have the function of preventing air penetration and rainwater leakage of the building curtain wall, including the block type and the open curtain wall of the building.
Fiber cement board is a cement board containing organic synthetic fiber or cellulose fiber with high water absorption rate of high pressure steam maintenance, belongs to the porous material easy to absorb water, priority is given to the slit approach, good protective treatment can also use closed. The processing of fiber cement board should use special equipment and be carried out in the factory. The edge of the board after processing needs to be sealed to meet the waterproof requirements, and be placed in a dry, ventilated and rainproof environment to prevent dampness.
In the selection of sealed cement fiberboard, attention should be paid to the selection of joint sealing materials, which should not only be conducive to interface bonding, ensure effective bonding, but also prevent the infiltration of organic matter in the sealing material and pollution of the curtain wall facade.
Through-length pendant connection: the stress distribution along the whole field of the notch is not uniform. Considering the influence of stress concentration, the shear ability of the notch and pendant is checked. The notch shall not be damaged or cracked.
Back bolt support connection: the thickness of the plate is not less than 12mm, the distance between the center line of the back bolt and the end of the panel is not less than 50mm and not more than 20% of the side length. The distance between the back bolts should not be greater than 1000mm, and the groove depth should not be less than 6mm. The approach is similar to modern curtain wall.
Support connection: stainless steel screws, bolts and rivets that penetrate the whole thickness of the plate are fixed on the keel, the thickness of the plate is not less than 8mm, and the diameter of stainless steel screws, bolts and rivets is not less than 5mm. The distance between connecting points of 8mm thick fiber cement board should not be greater than 800mm. The connection structure is simple, the cost is low, but the nail head will be exposed, and the flatness of the keel plate is higher.

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