Building curtain wall prevents light pollution

The glass curtain wall used for decoration in the curtain wall building is like a large mirror of dozens or hundreds of square meters. The reflection coefficient of this wall to light is particularly high. The general white painted wall is 69~80%, and the glass curtain wall is as high as 82 ~ 90%, which is 10 times larger than the reflection coefficient of the general dark or hairy brick wall. People living in this strong light environment for a long time, will harm the cornea and iris, resulting in visual decline, serious dizziness, insomnia palpitation, loss of appetite and so on. Moreover, the reflection of the road glass curtain wall will make the driver of the passing vehicle feel dazzling, which is easy to cause traffic accidents.

Some glass curtain wall itself latent fire danger, plus for the pursuit of style beauty and the design of those different forms of glass curtain wall, is undoubtedly fuel the fire, especially some of the concave building, its glass curtain wall formed a giant concentrating mirror objectively. If such a large concave lens were erected on a street, the heat produced by the concentrated sunlight would be incalculable. In Berlin, Germany, there was a fire caused by focusing glass curtain walls. This warns people not to blindly pursue beauty and ignore the harm they may bring.
How can building curtain wall prevent light pollution?
Light pollution is also reflected in the harm of human body, burning, smelting and welding process of strong light, the light emission when burning curtain glass window out will harm to the human body and vision, especially in the car on the road suddenly turn on the headlights, flashing lights, the lights of the airport markers such as bright light source, the harm of the visual is more serious. Extremely bright light can cause severe irritation to the eyes, and some people may even develop blind spots or cataracts. Therefore, we should always pay attention to these strong light pollution, stay away from the source of strong light, and work in the strong light environment must take proper protective measures, as far as possible to reduce the harm caused by strong light pollution to the minimum.
Control the reflection of glass curtain wall buildings
Building glass curtain wall and the sun is directly related to time, angle, a lot of curtain wall structures in order to fashion, beautiful, have used glass curtain wall to decorate, the designer must pay attention to, in the southeast side of the house of sunshine, to reduce or avoid the use of glass curtain wall to decorate, and weak house north of rizhao, time is shorter, better to install the glass curtain wall. In view of the problem of preventing the reflection of glass curtain wall, experts put forward:
First, the selection of materials to choose frosted glass and other coarse material, and should not use all reflective glass;
Second, pay attention to the installation angle of glass curtain wall, try not to use glass curtain wall in concave, inclined plane buildings.

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Post time: Mar-14-2023
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