Are you wondering how to choose the proper type of steel pipe in your project?

Maybe you are wondering how to choose the proper type of steel pipe in your project since there are various types of steel pipes for your choice in the market. To make a choice for a project between different types of steel pipe or tube seems always a headache issue among most of end-users in life.

welded steel pipe

In the steel market, we can often find two major categories of steel pipes: welded pipe and seamless pipe. Often, there are many customers ask us about how to make a choice between these two types of pipe. Obviously, the difference in the basic manufacturing method is from their names. Seamless pipe is extruded and drawn from a billet while welded pipe is produced from a strip that is roll formed and welded to produce a tube. Generally speaking, there is a difference in the steel pipe prices between these two types of steel pipe due to different manufacturing methods in a mill. On the other hand, although the working pressure of welded pipe is 20% less than that for a similar seamless pipe, working pressure is not the determining factor for choosing seamless pipe over welded pipe for analyzer sample lines. The difference in potential impurities, which reduce the corrosion resistance of the finished pipe, is why seamless pipe is specified.

In addition, with different processing technology, there will be different product costs. That can be clearly reflected in the different pipe pricing of steel pipes. Due to the high costs, hot dipped galvanized steel pipe has the higher pricing than that of the electro-galvanized steel pipe. On the other hand, hot dipped galvanized steel pipe has a wider range of applications than the electro-galvanized steel pipe. Nowadays, the electro-galvanized steel pipe has been out of the steel market because of national ban on the actual purposes. Furthermore, from a professional point of view, there is a significant difference between the two pipes from the appearance. Two different processing methods will not only affect the specific application in the practical use, but also will cause distinct steel pipe appearances. As almost all the steel pipe manufacturers know, hot dipped galvanized steel pipe has a thicker zinc layer than the electro-galvanized pipe. As long as we have a careful look, it is easy to make a distinction between these two kinds of pipes.

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Post time: Jun-11-2018
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