Application of BIM on curtain wall

BIM, also known as Building Information Modeling, is based on the relevant Information data of the curtain wall construction project as the model to establish the Building model and simulate the real Information of the Building through digital Information simulation. It has five characteristics of visualization, coordination, simulation, optimization and graph-ability. The core of BIM technology is information storage, sharing and application. BIM keeps information up-to-date and accessible in a comprehensive digital environment, enabling architects, engineers, professional subcontractors and owners to have a clear and comprehensive view of the project. BIM architecture, structure, air conditioning, electric, landscape, interior decoration, curtain wall, and other professional work based on the same model, so that realize the real 3 d integration design, perfect the construction industry from upstream to downstream of the communications between the companies and communication link, the modern curtain wall design was optimized, save time and cost. The information management of the whole life cycle of the project is realized.
For the curtain wall industry, the application of BIM will bring great significance, making the quality and efficiency of design and even the whole project significantly improved. BIM will directly promote the reform and development of all areas of the curtain wall industry. It will bring about profound changes in the thinking mode and habitual methods of the curtain wall industry, and generate new organizational methods and new industry rules in the process of curtain wall design, construction and operation.


Shanghai central building .

As the name implies, special-shaped curtain wall is a curtain wall of special shape, mainly because the overall shape of the building surface is curved and displayed as a special facade effect in space. In recent years, with the development of technology, irregular curtain wall is increasing day by day. With its strong artistic expression, the special-shaped curtain wall changes the architectural style subversively. In addition to dazzling and amazing, the special-shaped curtain wall also brings a series of problems to the design and construction of curtain wall. Traditional TWO-DIMENSIONAL drawings have no way to clearly express the design intention, which is prompting curtain wall units to adopt more effective means for design, construction and control. Therefore, BIM emerges at the right moment. BIM has brought a second revolution to the curtain wall structure industry, from two-dimensional drawings to three-dimensional design and construction. At the same time, BIM is also a real information revolution for the whole curtain wall industry. We should adopt new technology to make curtain wall.

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Post time: Aug-18-2022
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