Analysis of curtain wall technology of Beijing new airport building

Beijing New Airport is located on the north bank of Yongding River, between Lixian Town, Yuhua Town, Daxing District, Beijing and Guangyang District, Langfang City, Hebei Province. It is 46 kilometers to the north from Tian 'anmen Square and 68.4 kilometers to the Capital Airport. It is a national key project. The curtain wall system design of this project starts from the building function and the natural condition, fully considers its features and requirements in the safety performance, thermal performance, acoustic performance and optical performance, and uses various curtain wall technologies, materials, methods and processes to create superior envelopment function.
modern curtain wall design
Due to the fact that the facade frame glass curtain wall is located in a crowded area with tourists, the architects attach great importance to the simplicity and permeability of the curtain wall, so they chose the glass with a larger partition size: 2250mm wide x 3000mm high. System adopts vertical clear frame, horizontal structure of one-way structure system, because of the horizontal structure, the permeability of the facade greatly improved, aluminum alloy column not only play the role of bearing the structural load, but also take into account the role of decorative shading, beautiful effect and save the cost. The aluminum alloy column of the facade frame glass curtain wall is divided into inner and outer parts. The inner and outer aluminum columns achieve the purpose of synergistic force through the arrangement of stainless steel bolts, and bear the load perpendicular to the glass surface. Aluminum alloy inner column is connected with the curtain wall structure through "two clamps and one steel plate". Two 16mm thick steel plate connectors are welded with the main steel structure, one 18mm steel plate connectors and aluminum columns are connected with multiple M8 stainless steel bolts, and 16mm steel connectors and 18mm steel connectors are matched and welded with each other to adapt to the errors of the main steel structure.

Given the importance of the airport project, to ensure that the design scheme is feasible and the theoretical calculation at the same time, also carried out relevant simulation test: selects the simulation of aluminum alloy keel steel pipe frame, with the same configuration of modern curtain wall design test, the test results are consistent with the structure of the basic theoretical calculation, the glass can be solved by applying external force method and it can be done easily by one person with one hand. The experimental results also prove the feasibility of using straight column and plate glass to simulate the spatial variable surface.

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Post time: Sep-07-2021
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