Advantages of using seamless steel pipe in your project

In practical applications, seamless steel pipe has the distinct advantage when compared with welded steel pipe because seamless steel pipe has no welding seam in the base pipe, which is usually viewed as a weak spot, vulnerable to failure and corrosion. Seamless steel pipe has been widely used in construction today. If you would consider cost-effectiveness, seamless pipes have the distinct advantage of small and medium-sized outside diameters with higher wall thicknesses. However, thickness in welded pipe tends to have more consistent wall thickness when compared to the seamless options.

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Welded steel pipe and seamless steel pipe are the two major categories of steel pipe in the current steel pipe market. Round steel pipe, square steel pipe and rectangular steel pipe are regarded the most popular types of seamless steel pipe in the steel pipe market today. As a rule, seamless steel pipe manufacturing starts with a solid, round steel billet. This billet is then heated to great temperatures and stretched and pulled over a form until it takes the shape of a hollow tube. For the one thing, seamless steel pipe is a continuous extrusion of alloy, meaning that it will have a round cross section that you can count on, which is helpful when you’re installing pipes or adding fittings. For the other thing, this type of pipe has greater strength under loading. Pipe failures and leaks in welded pipes usually occur at the welded seam. But because seamless pipe doesn’t have that seam, it isn’t subject to those failures. In construction, one of greatest advantages of seamless steel pipes is their increased ability to withstand pressure. Because seamless steel pipe has not been welded, it doesn’t have that seam, making it equally strong around the entire circumference of the pipe. It is also much easier to determine pressure calculations without being required to take weld quality into consideration. However, the steel pipe price is generally a little higher than welded pipe in the market.

In some particular applications, seamless steel pipes are widely used for steel conduits in wire systems to provide very good protection to enclosed conductors from impact, moisture, and chemical vapors. DongPengBoDa Steel Pipe Group is a professional steel pipe manufacturer in China. We are committed to producing various types of steel pipes based on your project in the market. If you have any further question, please contact us at your convenience.

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Post time: Aug-08-2019
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