Advantages Of Using Laminated Glass for Commercial Curtain Wall Buildings

In the modern society, modern curtain wall design is regarded a matter of beauty for the commercial buildings. From aluminum-framed patterned materials to beautifully curved glass, curtain walls that envelop an entire building are non-load bearing and created to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Since glass plays an important role in modern curtain wall design due to its ability to provide a connection between a building inside and the nature outside, glass curtain wall gives a lot of convenience to commercial workplaces. Unlike traditional office spaces with solid walls, modern commercial offices with curtain wall glass to open up offices to more collaboration and natural light.

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In the current market, there are a variety of glass glazing available, which allows architects and designers to control every aspect of aesthetics and performance, including thermal and solar control, sound and security, as well as colour, light and glare. Today, we’d like to talk about why to choose laminated glass for commercial curtain wall buildings as follows:
1.    Enhanced Safety
Laminated glass would be your best choice if safety and security are the main concerns for your building. Specifically speaking, the glass and the interlayer can easily absorb the force of any impact and can resist any breakage. Even if laminated glass breaks, the glass shards remain stuck to the interlayer, which further safeguards you from any damages and even accidental injuries. Furthermore, it also provides the curtain wall building with resistance and protection from natural disasters and severe weather conditions such as hurricanes.
2.    Increased Strength and Durability
Laminated glass can not only absorb impact, but it is also harder to break, which is why it can safeguard you not only from injury but also from an attempted house or office break-in. If someone tries to break into your home or office through a laminated glass window, then it won’t be an easy task for them to do so due to the robustness of the glass. The intruder would have to use an instrument or tool such as a big hammer to break the laminated glass.
3.    Sound-Insulation
Whether you are resting in the comfort of the office or you are working in the office, a quiet and peaceful ambiance is a must. And laminated glass can render you the tranquility imperative to rest and productivity. The glass' PVB interlayer can efficiently block outside noise, creating an atmosphere that is peaceful and distraction-free.
4.    Environment-Friendly
Laminated glass comes with a UV filtering function, which reduces the transmission of light and protects your skin. What’s more, laminated glass can benefit the curtain wall facade system in reducing heat from the sun inside the commercial building so as to save a lot of money in a long run.

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Post time: Jun-10-2022
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