9 Benefits of Interior Glass Curtain Wall Systems

Interior glass curtain wall systems are based on the idea of structural facades and exterior curtain walls. With vertical aluminum mullions, glass curtain wall system provides a flexible and modular separation of space. Since it bears no structural weight, it can be placed exactly where you need it, providing a host of benefits.

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Benefits of Interior Glass Curtain Wall Systems
There are many benefits of interior glass curtain wall systems in applications, making them a perfect choice to separate interior spaces, increase elegant aesthetics, create sound privacy, and more.
1. Purposeful Partitions With Glass Curtain Wall System
In the Iowa School of Music, glazed curtain walls are used to partition the library from the hallway. These purposefully positioned partitions allow students walking by to see the activity happening in the music library. The Elevare? Mullion High Wall System allows for the integration of LCD, pivot, sliding, or hinged doors that continue the transparency throughout the entire system. This creates a welcoming environment regardless of the separation of spaces.
2. Highly Customizable
A curtain wall system isn’t weight bearing, so it is an incredibly flexible and functional design element. By nature of its construction, it can be erected exactly where it is needed. Its ease of installation makes it the perfect choice to separate interior spaces. Especially the versatility of an interior aluminum curtain wall system makes it suitable for a wide variety of needs and environments. They also allow for a wide spectrum of combinations and configurations.
3. Contemporary Aesthetic
Clean lines and unobstructed views are hallmarks of contemporary design. Glass curtain wall systems seamlessly integrate into this style. The glass allows for a view into the space while still keeping areas separate where needed. And the support components are compatible with wood, glass, and poly-carbonate materials, making it possible for commercial curtain walls to fit with the existing aesthetic.
4. Isolate Noise
Installing an interior glass curtain wall system increases the amount of sound privacy in a space. This keeps meetings and conversations private without completely obstructing views into the outer areas in the office. Furthermore, large rooms are notoriously difficult areas in which to manage noise, but interior curtain walls make it a much easier task.
5. Increase Natural Light
Curtain wall systems allow natural light into interior spaces. Most notable are greater workplace morale and productivity, reduced rates of depression and seasonal affective disorder, and increased energy.
6. Draw Customers to Your Store
A storefront curtain wall puts your products on display in a bright and beautiful way. Strategically placed lighting makes the space even brighter and entices potential customers to stop in and take a closer look.
7. Make Small Spaces Seem Larger
Imagine being inside this small, narrow dining area without the interior glass curtain wall. It would feel too close and isolated. However, with the integration of the glass, you’re able to dine with a view. Whether it’s a break room, a small cafe inside a hospital, or a coffee shop in a school building, a glass curtain wall makes dining an experience to be enjoyed rather than just a meal to rush through on your way to the next thing.

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