Galvanized Steel Pipes and Tubes

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Galvanization Process:

In this process steel plate is immersed into molten bath of zinc. Then, the two metals are chemically bound to each other which results in a more resistant, longer lasting version of steel. Galvanized pipes resist water corrosion, chemical reaction from salt or harsh wind and equally effective for dry indoor use as well.

Importance of Galvanized Steel Pipes:

These pipes are the most used building material across the globe. The zinc coat protects from corrosion and is useful for long-term structural performance, tough outdoor applications and interior plumbing. It is also referred to as galvanized iron pipe.

The houses in extreme climate areas are made of galvanized steel pipes. They can be easily shaped, cut and molded while manufacturing. They are also lighter by weight comparing to other building materials which provides lower foundation load. The best with such pipe is the costing, they are far affordable than other materials.

It is also ideal for automobile and aircraft manufacturing industries. Sheets of hot dipped steel are used for the seats, oil pans, roofs, parking brakes, and spring housings. Using such pipes for beams enhances the strength also can be used in making air conditioning duct work, handrails and support piping.

Galvanized Steel Pipes for Heavy Industrial Use:

Galvanized steel pipe is not suited for gas lines however, is widely used as line pipe. The sheets are used for making electronic appliances and computer instruments. They are available in variety of sizes and can be in form of serrated sheets with smooth slip resistant surfaces. These are often used for road grate covers and industrial walkways.

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