BS4568 stàilinn cladhan-uisge

BS4568 stàilinn cladhan-uisge

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  Material: galvanzied steel coils Finish:pre galvanised or hot dipped galvanzied  Surface:threaded both ends,one end is coupling and other end is plastic cap Packing: in small bundle or wrapped with water-proof pvc cloth. Shipping.: 20ft or 40 ft container Payment: T / T, L / C, western union   BS4568 CONDUIT Size(mm) Outside Diameter Thickness Thread Length(mm) Length Min Max (mm) Min Max (mm) 16mm 15.7mm 16.0mm 1.4±0.15 11.5mm 13.5mm 3750 20mm 19.7mm 20.0mm 1.6±0.15 13.0mm ...

  • Origin: Sìona
  • Shipping: 20, 40 troigh, 'mhòr-chuid soitheach
  • Port: Tianjin
  • Riaghailtean Pàigheadh: L / C, T / T, an iar-aonadh
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    Stuth: galvanzied stàilinn coils

    Finish: ro galvanised no teth tumadh galvanzied 

    Surface: is shnìomh gach ceann, aon cheann tha choimhcheangal agus a 'cheann eile tha plastaig ceap

    Pacadh: ann an beag phasgan no phasgadh le uisge-dearbhadh pvc aodaich.

    Shipping .: 20 no 40 troigh container

    Pàigheadh: T / T, L / C, iar-aonadh


    BS4568 Cladhan-uisge
    Meud (mm) Taobh a-muigh an trast-thomhas tiughad Thread Length (mm) Length
    Ìos- Max (Mm) Ìos- Max (Mm)
    16mm 15.7mm 16.0mm 1.4 ± 0,15 11.5mm 13.5mm 3750
    20mm 19.7mm 20.0mm 1.6 ± 0,15 13.0mm 15.0mm 3750
    25mm 24.6mm 25.0mm 1.6 ± 0,15 16.0mm 18.0mm 3750
    32mm 21.6mm 32.0mm 1.6 ± 0,15 18.0mm 20.0mm 3750
    40mm 39.5mm 40.0mm 1.6 ± 0,15 19.0mm 22.0mm 3750
    50mm 49.5mm 50.0mm 1.6 ± 0,15 19.0mm 22.0mm 3750
    STUTH: Q195 & Q235
    Clas: clas 3 & clas 4
    An dà chuid CRÌOCH: is shnìomh deireadh an dà chuid le aon choimhcheangal agus aon plastaig ceap

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